3rd Time DUI Offender found NOT GUILTY BY JURY Attorney Wins 3 DUI Cases Against Same Prosecutor in One Month Realtor Blows .193 on 3rd DUI Arrest Involving Crash; CHARGES DROPPED Driver Blows .291 (Almost 4X The Legal Limit); License Reinstated

The Musca Law Approach

The fear and hesitation that many feel when trying to choose a criminal defense attorney is natural and understandable. There are very real consequences to poor legal representation, which could mean a loss of freedom, crippling fees, among other restrictions. We have developed a time-tested team approach to ensure your criminal defense is always gets a second opinion and the attention it deserves.

Work with a criminal defense firm that holds an excellent reputation among peers, prosecutors and law enforcement officials around the state. We will work hard to gather the necessary evidence to begin building a strong case. Investigations are put in place immediately and an aggressive criminal defense ensures that your opinions and your rights are always heard.

Your Criminal Defense Is Our Number One Goal

Your satisfaction is very important to our firm. We maintain extended hours and offer evening and weekend appointments in order to better suit your needs and schedule.

Other firms may keep you at arm’s length, but Musca Law aims to keep you close at hand and informed at all times. Every effort is made to make sure that you are always kept informed on the details and status of your case. Our criminal defense lawyers take the time to carefully and clearly explain the law and how it pertains to your situation. As your criminal lawyer, we ensure that the very best method ensuring a successful criminal defense is put in place.

Rest easy knowing your case is being handled by top tier criminal defense pros. Musca law ensures that you are guided step by step through the legal process and eliminates all of the confusion. The very best in criminal defense law is yours.

Our firm works to expose the flaws and holes in the opposing arguments. The criminal defense lawyers at Musca Law hold enough combined experience and collective talent to bring every single flaw to light.

Our offices are conveniently located to better serve you and initial consultations are free. Take the time to call a qualified, criminal lawyer at our firm today. We handle a variety of different areas of criminal law, as listed on the right. We make sure that your legal needs are being met at a price you can afford. Musca Law is happy to tailor its services to better suit your needs.

Our offices serve Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Rotonda, Charlotte Harbor, Cleveland and we can be reached at (941) 916-3627.

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